Friday, June 12, 2009

Ocean Shores

We went to Ocean Shores for Memorial Day Weekend with Grandma Susan and Grandpa Mike, Aunt Kara, and Roxie.
It was a wonderful weekend of relaxing, watching movies, playing games, going for walks, flying kites and playing in the sand and surf.

Here is a hidden gem in this little tourist beach town. This Irish Restaurant and Pub is our favorite place to eat here and there is live music on Saturday nights. The potato soup and soda bread are simply scrumptious.


Shirley Hale said...

Looking at these pictures makes me want to come visit SO bad! Hopefully we can do it before the end of the year. Your kids are gorgeous. :)

Belkycita said...

They are SO cute!!!
I think we need to make a trip there before we move :-)

Kori said...

She just keeps getting fuller and cuter. And I love all of your fun activities! You make us miss Seattle so much!