Thursday, March 05, 2009

6 months!

Molly Jane is 6 months old!

six things about MJ - one for each month she has been part of our family
1. Big smiles. Her adorable smile lights up our life. Molly is such a happy baby and her bright smile warms my heart every day.
2. Loves her toes. MJ loves to play with her toes. If she is wearing colorful socks she will chew and pull until she gets them off and then alternate between eating her toes and eating her freed socks. This morning she was wearing pants with elephants on the toes and she managed to pull her pants all the way off.
3. On the move. rollin' rollin' rollin' scooch scooch. She is not crawling yet, but she is quite mobile. It always surprises me how far she can get when you look away for a minute. Especially if there is the proper motivation (sam's balloon for instance)
4. Loves toys. MJ loves playing with toys. She is particularly fond of anything that makes a crinkling noise, any kind of string or ribbon, and just about anything she can put in her mouth.
5. Loves her brother. She keeps an eye on him at all times. She giggles when she watches him. She especially likes it when he is being tickled. She also has complete control of him. If she gets a diaper change, he wants one too. If she is being rocked, he wants to too. If she has a toy, he wants it too. You get the picture.
6. Sweetie! Molly is such a sweet natured baby. She is a great snuggler and has a way about her that just melts your heart.

I love my Molly Jane!