Wednesday, April 07, 2010


MJ is 18 months old! So here are 18 fun facts about our feisty little sweetheart.
1. Obsessed with dogs and all other cute furry creatures.
2. Is amazingly talented at emptying drawers, bags, suitcases, baskets. She is effective and efficient and usually takes things out one at a time and transfers them to a much improved new location.
3. Is beginning to sing. Her current favorites are the ABC song and Itsy Bitsy Spider
4. Loves to taunt her brother by saying “no no no.” He always answers with a frantic “yes yes yes yes”
5. Enjoys pretending to put her brother to bed. Whenever he is on his bed, she will blow him a kiss, say “night night” and walk out the room and shut the door… and then repeat 5 or 6 times.
6. Is still nursing 5-8 times a day
7. Favorite foods: ice cream, pasta and frosted mini wheats
8. Enjoys sharing Dr. Pepper with her Great Grandpa T
9. Has 6.5 teeth
10. Loves socks. She is really good at taking them off and tries diligently to put them on again, but hasn’t gotten that part down yet. Same with shoes. She loves trying on everyone else’s shoes as well
11. Loves stickers
12. Loves pretty things – bows, sparkles, colors, tutus, clothes, etc
13. Loves to remove the cushions from the couch and throw herself off the couch on top of said removed cushions
14. Has had a runny nose since October
15. Is learning new words every day and is up to about 75 words now.
16. Likes to wave and say “hi” to everything and everyone
17. Loves the mice – namely Mickey and Minnie.
18. Says “to infinity and beyond” whenever she sees Buzz Lightyear on anything (which is a lot at our house). It sounds more like “to ee an bee- yah, but we know what she means.

So, I wrote this post a few weeks ago, but I'm just getting around to posting it. Now MJ is 19 months. Hmmm, guess I should start another list.