Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Sam!

Sam is now a one-year-old. How time flies. I have to admit that my first year of motherhood has been an amazing experience. This little guy has grown up so fast. His unconditional love is so buoying. It has also been fun to see my husband become a father. He is the best dad a little one could hope for. Seeing my parents become grandparents has also been a hoot.

Here are some picts of Sam's birthday shin-dig.

This is Sam's new smile just for the camera.

Let me take you on a sea cruise!

The final leg of our great summer adventure was a Disney cruise to the Bahamas. What can I say, it was a great vacation.

Sam, Justin and Goofy

At the Atlantis aquarium in Nassau

Yes, there is a manta ray in that tank.

Sam the king of Atlantis

Sam in the todder splash area

One night on the cruise there was a Pirates in the Carribean party with dancing pirates, Pirate Mickey entering on a zip cord and fireworks. Everyone dressed up in their pirate wear. Pirate head scarves were provided at dinner for those not already wearing pirate garb. Sam wore his as a pirate cape.

Sanibel Island

The next part of the the Milonas adventure was a trip to Sanibel Island on the gulf coast of Florida. It is famous for the the miles of seashells. Yes, we brought home plenty. We also went on a dolphin excursion boat trip. We saw several dophins that played in our wake.

Next we went on a airboat tour of the everglades and saw a few huge gators.

I'm going to Disneyworld!

Summer vacation with the Milonas clan!
Keenan's parents took us to DisneyWorld in August.
Sam's first ride at DisneyWorld was Its A Small World. He was astounded.

Sam and his mom watching the parade

Sam and his best good buddy Justin

Sam with Grandpa in Tomorrowland

Bug's new slogan

Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom Parade