Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christmas Picts

Okay, so it took me awhile but here are some Christmas picts.
This is a collage I made for my parents of Christmas. (Click on the image for a better view)

I just love Christmas. It is such a wonderful time to spend with family and since we have been in school for the last 23 years of our lives we get to enjoy a nice 2-3 week winter break together. This year Jeff and Keiko and Kara came home to my parents house and Sam was able to spend a lot of time getting to know his aunt and uncle. ...and I have to add Grandparents are great.

We spent Christmas Eve in Hobart and Christmas morning what did Sam find???

Hobart Santa brought Sam a drum set!!!
What Sam really loves is the Jeep that Santa brought his cousin Eleanor. It has a steering wheel, buttons, makes vroom sounds, and has a radio. (and it hasn't even moved yet!) What happens in Hobart stays in Hobart.

I had to include this picture of Sam and his dad in their matching Christmas PJs!