Friday, November 23, 2007

Discovering Anemones

The Seattle Aquarium is one of our favorite family outings. So, we bundled up and went downtown the day after Thanksgiving. It was the first time that we had been to the aquarium since Sam started walking. A whole new world has opened up and Samuel is ready to explore it. During his explorations, Sam discovered the tide pools. I was so proud of my budding naturalist. After splashing around for a bit and exploring the salty taste of the sea water, Sam met sea stars, crabs and a large purple anemone.

Captain Samuel

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


By request I am blogging about 10 things that Samuel is up to.

1. One of my very favorite things about Sam is how cuddly and loving he is. When I hug him, he gently pats my back.
2. Today after swimming lessons, he fell asleep in his high chair while eating lunch.
3. Sam is obsessed with doors and doorknobs. Opening, closing, turning, and going outside (in no particular order).
4. Sam loves music. His current favorite is If You're Happy and You Know It. Sam can clap his hands, stomp his feet and shout "aah". Yes, he is happy and he knows it.
5. Sam is walking. It is now his primary mode of transportation, but he is still in that great wobbly toddly stage.
6. Sam loves dogs. Last time we went to Grandma's house, I got him out of the car and as soon as he saw where we were he said "Dog? Dog!"
7. If you ask Sam how big he is he will raise his hand high in the air. (He will then expect to be tickled)
8. Sam love stairs. Up and down and up and down we go.
9. Sam loves his Dad. He knows the sound of the door opening and goes charging whenever dad comes home. He also know the meaning "get Dad," and will tackle and tickle.
10. Sam loves the water. He wants to play in any fountain, every sink, and he loves the swimming pool, hot tub, and bathtime.