Monday, February 09, 2009

Giraffe Pirate

We use our family membership at the zoo fairly often. It is definitely one of our favorite family activites even in the chilly winter months. We all get bundled up and see the monkeys, lions and Sam's current fave the giraffe pirate.

About six months ago, Sam was in the Health Sciences bookstore where there is a large skeleton. I pointed to it and asked Sam, "Whats that?" He looked at it and thought about it for a minute and then his eyes lit up and he said "pirate!" He recognized the skull from the skull and crossbones pirate flag. When he saw this giraffe skeleton, it became the giraffe pirate. Now this always has to be our first stop at the zoo. It has become even more exciting than the giraffe slide.

Sam and Dad looking at the monkeys.

MJ in the lions den
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Shirley Hale said...

That is so cute. I love how kids have the coolest imaginations. Does Sam think pirates are scary at all? or just really cool? MJ is adorable. I hope I can meet her before she starts walking! :)

JeffersonJones said...

You have the coolest family! I hope we go to the zoo and stuff all the time once we have kids.

Missy said...

Lindsey has a blog! :) I've know you're on facebook, but I don't really get on facebook. My husband has taken over mine. I like blogs. I'm glad you do the blog thing and I hope you don't mind my reading yours.

Shauna said...

Love to see pictures of your cute family. Both Sam and Molly are adorable. We really enjoyed your visit last month. HOpe your move goes smooth.

JP said...

KAWAII! Sam and MJ can both become models!!