Friday, February 06, 2009

Any excuse for a party

After a week of the sick, we were ready for a little diversion. And seeing that it was MJ's 5 month birthday, we decided to have a little birthday party. I know parties are not customary for a celebrating that five months have past since a little one entered the world, but I was reading a book to Sam that morning and there was a cake with candles in one of the pictures and one idea led to another. Party supplies were acquired from the dollar store (balloons, cupcakes, and candles- no need to break the bank for this one). And I promise, a good time was had by all!

If I had only known that the dollar store sold race car balloons earlier... You can witness true happiness right here with the release (and the repeated catch and release) of this balloon.

As is customary at birthday parties, we sang happy birthday and blew out candles. Actually we did this several times, and the birthday girl very obligingly let her big brother do the honors.

However, she did not want to give up her cupcake. She lovingly caressed it and then smashed it and happily licked the icing from her fingers. She already has a sweet tooth!

As a birthday treat, we gave MJ her first real solid food - if you can call rice cereal solid or food. After the taste of icing, I'm not so sure she was impressed. But, she is a very independent little one and is already insisting on feeding herself.


Cailean said...

She has grown SO much! What a sweet little baby! I love coming up with a reason to celebrate! :)

Ketchesons said...

Sam looks so grown up!!
and Molly, oh my she has the cutest face!!!
I can't wait to see them again.
Are you all packed? you need to start on it, don't delay coming back, pleaseee

jeannelewis said...

Molly's eyes are such a beautiful color.