Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter

We took Sam to the zoo on Saturday for their big easter egg hunt. Sam loved picking up the eggs and putting them in his basket then throwing them all back on the ground and starting over again. Above is a collage card we made for Sam's grandparents.

On Sunday we had brunch with my parents and then dinner in Hobart with Keenan's parents. Sam's easter basket had eggs filled with hop hops (bunny grahams and bunny cheddar crackers) and a new baby einstein (at the farm - Sam loves farm animals right now especially cow- so mom is hoping this will entertain him so she can shower), a summer hat and a pusher popper. Sam also got plenty of treats from his grandparents and treated us to a drum concert.

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Grandmaand Grandpa Roush said...

It's amazing how much energy and excitement this little Sam has. What a delight!!! We could watch him all day!!! Can't wait until June 14th, heh heh so that we can see him. He will definitely be worth the trip. Much love to you all.