Wednesday, March 26, 2008

18 months!

Things Samuel loves at 18 months:
1. Throwing his arms in the air and exclaiming "I did it!"
2. Keys! He loves keys and likes to stick them into our front door, car door, trunk, and anywhere else that looks like it might be a good key hole.
3. Water. Water in the lake, ocean, water slide, sink, shower, tub etc. I can't keep him out of it. He also loves to drink water. He is often heard shouting for "wa wa!"
4. Trucks, cars and trains. Sam loves to push around his two dump trucks and fill them with toys and dump them out again. He also loves his ride on car (which conviently has two holes next to the steering wheel to insert mom's keys)
5. Grandmas and Grandpas. (don't we all?!) Sam loves his grandmas and grandpas and can even call them by name now.
6. Music. On his play piano or the real piano, on cd, daddy singing, or the radio. Sam loves to dance and enjoys his music. His current favorite song to sing with him is wheels on the bus.
7. anything he can push around ie strollers, shopping carts, boxes, toy cars, chairs, etc.
8. Turning lights on and off and on and off
9. Talking to his dad on the phone. Every time the phone rings Sam exclaims "Dad! Dad!"
10. Watching home videos on mom's laptop. Current favorites on his playlist are of Sam and dad making and knocking down towers, Dad tickling Sam, Drumming with Uncle Ryan, Dancing with Aunt Juri, and going down the water slides at Ocean Shores with mom.

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Grandmaand Grandpa Roush said...

What a darling, sweet, lovable, fun, and squeeable little eighteen month old great grandson!!!!! Wow!!! He sure is keeping us happy just by being included in your blogs!!!