Friday, November 23, 2007

Discovering Anemones

The Seattle Aquarium is one of our favorite family outings. So, we bundled up and went downtown the day after Thanksgiving. It was the first time that we had been to the aquarium since Sam started walking. A whole new world has opened up and Samuel is ready to explore it. During his explorations, Sam discovered the tide pools. I was so proud of my budding naturalist. After splashing around for a bit and exploring the salty taste of the sea water, Sam met sea stars, crabs and a large purple anemone.


Anonymous said...

It looks like he had a blast.
p.s. I came and looked again :-0

Grandmaand Grandpa Roush said...

I remember all the fun times that I have had going to the aquarium with you when you were working there as a volunteer, and you gave me your shirt, and then as we have gone with you and Keenan and Sam when he was very young. Now he is walking all over the place!!! What a fun boy. Wish I were there. Love, Grandma