Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First day of school

Sam started preschool a few weeks ago. I forgot to take pictures before we left for his first day, so these were taken just as we got home his first day.
i think he had a great time

All day he was shouting "First day of school! First day of school!" and jumping around just like Nemo (as Nemo tries to wake up his dad at the beginning of the Finding Nemo - it is probably Sam's favorite part of the movie)
Admittedly, I was probably as nervous as Marlin sending off my little guy to school. Luckily his preschool is only twice a week for 1 1/2 hours. He is just getting so big so fast!

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Shirley said...

He looks so big in these pictures! I love his smile. He has the most handsome smile. I love it!

Belkycita said...

school? little Sam?????!!

I'm sure he is LOVING it :-) is he going to Misses Rogers class?
is he in the same class as Elijah?
I hope little MJ is letting you take a break while Sam is at school.

Chris and Corie said...

oh my gosh! How exciting Sam!! What a big day!

WHere is he going to preschool? The local elementary?

Synthesiologist said...

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Leah Spicer said...

Wow. What cuties. I am so interested in family blogs right now because I am starting to think about starting a family!