Thursday, September 30, 2010


Look who turned 4!

Sam had a dinosaur birthday this year. It was his first birthday to have a friend party. He invited three friends of his from his Sunbeam class. They came over at lunch time and we had dino sandwiches, string cheese, apple bites, and juice boxes - all foods chosen by Sam.
After lunch we went to Sam's clubhouse in the back yard and played Duck Duck Dinosaur. Then we came back to the kitchen and went fishing. The lake in our kitchen was stocked with squishy dinosaurs. This was a big hit with all the boys. (I'm not sure how he came up with this but Sam has spent much of the summer in the backyard with his fishing pole. He casts it as far down the yard as he can and then reels it back in and tells us what he caught. It is usually a baby dinosaur of on kind or another and then he catches the dinosaur some food to eat. I guess its more exciting than imaginary trout or salmon.)

Next on the agenda was a VOLCANO! Sam's dad constructed a volcano and with a little help from our friends baking soda and vinegar it erupted and lava spewed, bubbled and flowed down the sides.
Then we had a dinosaur treasure hunt. Followed by the finale - cake and ice cream!

Later that night Grandma Susan and Great Grandpa T came over and we repeated all of the days festivites with them.
Duck Duck Dinosaur

Repeat treasure hunt - this time armed with new birthday presents - flashlight and binoculars

experimenting with new birthday presents - telescope and magnifying glass from MJ

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Belkycita said...


What a fun fun birthday!! I love the theme and the "Club house"!

JeffersonJones said...

Did you think of all of this on your own? Get some help from the Internet? It is all so clever?

And where are you in the pic with Grandpa T? It looks kind of like a real fancy tent?