Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Fever

Have you caught Olympic Fever?

The Olympic Cauldron in Vancouver, BC

We did. We took a trip up to Vancouver, BC to be part of the Olympic experience. It was awesome to feel the Olympic spirit and see all the Canadians in all their Team Canana wear cheering on their team. They really do like their hockey. We watched Olympic events on the big outdoor screens, enjoyed street entertainment, partied at LiveCity celebration sites, played games, won prizes and head a great time.

Sam competing in the preschool street relays

Enjoying the street entertainment in Vancouver, BC

MJ enjoyed the Olympic mascots

Sam cheering on Team Canada during the Canada vs Switzerland on the big outdoor screen

MJ enjoying her Olympic mascot Sumi in the Coke pavilion

In the Coke pavilion they will take a picture of you holding the Olympic torch. Pretty cool, huh?


Shirley Hale said...

SO fun! There is nothing like the spirit of the Olympics. That is so awesome that you guys made a trip up there!

Anna said...

That sounds like it was so fun! I have been watching the Olympics every night and thought about how I could have been so close to all of events! What is Keenan going to do his residency in? When does he match? Good luck!