Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter: Take 2

We began our Easter morning on a search for our Easter baskets. After a beautiful and inspiring Easter church service, we went to Grandma Buddy's house for Easter dinner and other Easter festivities.
Molly and her Grandpa.
Molly loves Easter eggs. They are good for shaking, sucking, and crawling after.
I found one!
It was pouring outside, so we had an indoor egg hunt. Sam was thrilled to find that his eggs had "easter beans" inside. He's never really had candy and didn't really like the jelly beans much, but he kept shoveling them in his mouth sucking on them for a few seconds and then spitting them out. Mmm sticky.

Newsflash: Molly started crawling on Easter. She had been scooching and rolling with a bit of crawling, but now she is crawling up on all fours. It was the plastic Easter eggs that really gave her the motivation to get moving. They roll away and then you can chase them!


Ketchesons said...

So cute!!! are their outfits matching?
I really believe she started crawling on my floor!

Shirley Hale said...

That is so cute! I love the little sounds she is making. If she was a grunter like Ryan, I'm sure I'll be hearing it in a few months. I love it! And I love that she's trying to crawl in the sleeper. That's so exciting that she's crawling and she'll be giving you a run for your money. :)

Missy said...

He's never had candy? Wow! That's pretty cool.
I wasn't that smart with my children. They love the awful stuff.

Nathan and Raya said...

Super cute! She's a fast crawler already!!!
I LOVE the matching outfits! Too cute! How'd you work that out?