Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Road Trip

Okay - so I am back from my blogging vacation.

Last weekend we took a road trip to Utah to visit family. It was so fun to visit and get acquainted with all the new arrivals. We were able to visit both of my grandmas and introduce them to our little MJ. It was also fun to break in our brand new family car. (Yes we bought a new car over winter break!! I'll have to post a picture of it later!)
This little cutie is my cousin Kylee. She is 6 weeks older than MJ. They were the cutest pair jabbering at each other and sucking on each others hands. I was so glad I got to meet this adorable bundle of joy and see her family who I have missed so much since they moved away. Ty got out his geotrax train set and Sam thought it was the coolest thing in the world. He has been taling about Ty's trains ever since. He also loved conducting (waving around a piece of spagetti) and singing Karaoke with Cassie. Sam thinks that they are the coolest kids in the world.

This photo just cracks me up. I love all these little cuties squished together on the armchair holding each other up. These are two of my cousins children, Jocelyn and Kaden. Jocelyn is 5 days younger than MJ and Kaden is 5 weeks younger. Their moms (my cousins) came up for a visit this summer and were were quite the pregnant trio touring about Seattle. I think we were all in our third trimester by then.
This is Sam and his cousin Gavin. Gavin was very generous in showing Sam all his cars and trucks. Sam was in toy heaven.
This is my sister Kara and MJ. Aren't they an adorable pair? They really do just adore each other. Kara came to visit me at BYU every year during her mid winter break, and I have managed to go visit Kara every year she has been at BYU. My children adore their aunt and I do too. Love you sis!
If you really need more pictures, there are more Utah pict posted here:

Just a word about grandmas. I love mine! They are both amazing women. I am so glad that we were able to make the trip down to see them. Grandma Jones (paternal grandma) is raising three teenage grandchildren with an energy amazing for a 78 year old! My Molly Jane looks just like this side of the family. Everyone comments on her "jones blues." I was so excited to show my grandma how much she looks like my dad as a baby. There was universal agreement.

Grandma Roush (my mom's mom) and I have always been special buddies. Grandma had major surgery on her carotid artery the week we came to visit. We were a little afraid she wouldn't have recovered enough for us to get to visit, but she is recovering wonderfully and we were able to have a great girl talk visit and introduce Molly to her. I think they are also instant buddies. Love and kisses to you, Grandma.


Shirley Hale said...

What a fun post! I'm so glad you had a good time and were able to see Grandma. Don't you just love her? I think I saw her the night after you did. It's too bad I missed seeing you and your cute kids. Hopefully I will get to see you soon and Molly will have another 2nd cousin to take a picture with. :)

JP said...

You motivated to go to Utah to see all my wonderful family and relatives!
All the pictures are so precious!
Oh, I am so jealous that you had a girl talk with Grand Ma Roush: )I wish I was there.

I am so happy for you and your angels! Welcome back from the blog Vacation ; )

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey,

How much longer will you be in Boise? What is your phone number so we can give you a call. Our e-mail address is
Look forward to hearing from you.
Gayle McKee(Grandma Roush's sister)

anais odessa said...

MJ is so cute...I love that her little personality show through the pictures. And ps...could Sam be any more adorable?