Monday, July 28, 2008

Summertime at the park

Sometime earlier this summer we started going to the park two or three evenings a week as soon as K gets home. There are so many great playgrounds within minutes of our house. We usually pack a picnic dinner and if it is warm we head to one of the parks with wading pools. It has been great family time. Father and son run wild and mom gets to watch, enjoy, and relax.


Jason 'n Jeanne Family said...

That is a really cute shot of Sam! How are you?

Grandmaand Grandpa Roush said...

HI!!! This is your grandmother Roush. I haven't been on the website since before Jeff was married, so it is about time. How we miss this cute little boy!!!! We went to one of the parks with you while we were there and it is sure fun being with him. I am wondering why you don't have a picture with you in it, also heh heh I hear from your mom that you have been sleeping about three hours at a time the last few nights so you are feeling much more rested than you had in a long time. Big hug to you, and Keenan, and Sam