Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sam had his adenoids out early this month. The surgery went very well but the poor kid came down with a stomach virus and an ear infection in both ears within a few days of surgery. It was rough week for the little guy.

Sam waiting for surgery

Sam after the surgery. Luckily, Sam's favorite show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on TV when they brought him back to us in the recovery room.

Sam recovering at home.

I am happy to report that Sam is now feeling all better! He has also been snoring less and sleeping better.

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Shirley Hale said...

Hey Lindsey! Grandma told me about your blogs and it's fun to see Sam. He's so cute. It's too bad he had to have surgery. That must've been pretty hard to watch. I hope he is doing much better now!

My blog is if you interested. Hope you and the fam are doing fantastic!