Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fish and Fireworks

Sam loves the Seattle Aquarium so we celebrated the Fourth of July at their Fish and Fireworks celebration.

We took the bus downtown and walked through the market to get to the aquarium.

Sam and his dad on the way to the Aquarium. Don't they look cute in their shirts? (They were Keenan's Fathers Day gift)

Sam and his dad dancing to the music of Bobs and Lolo. Sam loved them! He danced, clapped and sang through their entire show. They are Sam's new favorite group with hits such as Crabby Blues, Beluga Song, and Sam's favorite I Wish I Was a Jellyfish.

Sam and Keenan in the dome
Here are some other recent Seattle Aquarium picts.

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Corie said...

I'm so excited to see new pictures of Sam! I have the cutest nephew in the world! Thank you for sharing them.